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Sit Stay Read! | Rochester Public Library

Kids are invited to practice reading aloud for 15 minutes with a certified therapy animal. For a positive reading experience, only the child should attend. Caregivers are asked to remain in the library. No pre-registraion. In person registration will begin 30 minutes prior to the event.

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Children's Lit: The New Parenting Manual | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Children’s Lit: The New Parenting Manual

  There are days as a mom, when I sit down and wonder if I’m doing anything right.  I’ll read through the parenting books and no matter what the topic is, the author will say that I’m obviously doing everything wrong.  And then I’ll read the opposition’s side, and I’m doing THAT wrong too.  But […]

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Anytime Resolutions | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Anytime Resolutions

Each year we are told that January 1st is a magic day of renewal, our chance to “finally” get everything right. We buy cute planners, install calendar apps, stock the fridge with shakes and kale, but if by January 5th, we haven’t: lost 15 lbs, quit sugar/ caffeine/ gluten, learned French, and stopped drinking/smoking/swearing, we […]

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