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Free Family Showing of Shrek

We ARE NOT requiring a donation to enter, but we are requesting those individuals that can afford to help others to please bring one can or package of a non-perishable food item per individual or whatever you can afford to donate to families in need. There will be drop off containers inside the front doors for donations on any day not just Saturday mornings as well!

Channel One Regional Food Bank and Food Shelf, a certified member of Feeding America, is a non-profit organization that serves the mission to work in partnership with others to help feed people in need. Channel One is a proud member of Hunger Solutions Minnesota, and a partner of the United Way of Olmsted County.

Thank you for helping us help others!

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Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!

03 May | Avoiding Power Struggles This class focuses on the art and science of control – Love and Logic’s approach teaches that adults can actually gain more control by sharing it in healthy ways with children. The central importance of caring and nurturing relationships with children will be presented as the foundation of responsibility for kids.

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Parenting the Love and Logic Way

Please join us for these practical, wisdom-rich parent workshops. Leave each session with skills you can put to use immediately with ALL kids. We will giggle our way to more hope and enjoyment of our kids while giving them their best shot at success in the real world.

Each registration receives a valuable Parenting the Love and Logic Way workbook that is yours to keep!

21 March | Putting an End to Arguing, Back Talk, and Begging

This session focuses on the foundation of healthy, respectful relationships between adults and children. Learning to put an end to hassles and arguments is the key to reasonable, healthy limits. By treating our kids with respect, we teach them respect and up their long-term odds for success in life!

28 March | Teaching Responsibility Without Losing Their Love

This session provides ways for caring adults to help kids learn from their mistakes rather than repeat them. Additionally, by providing really firm, loving limits we can hold kids to high expectations. Working with kids in this way develops causal thinking and allows kids to learn from their mistakes without seeing the adult as the source of the problem

11 April | Avoiding Power Struggles

This session provides proven tips and techniques for avoiding power struggles AND ways to exercise really healthy control in work with children. We will also look into the basis for respect and how we can grow kids who resist peer pressure and temptation through self-control.

18 April | Setting Limits Without Waging War

This session provides the secret to actually setting limits with human beings. We will look at how to get kids to listen without 9,000 warnings or bribes. Allowing children autonomy and control is crucially important for their development–if we can use Love and Logic skills, it becomes a win-win for child and adult!

25 April | Teaching Kids to Complete Chores…Without Reminders or Pay

This session gives solid ideas for doing just what the title states: getting kids to be participating, contributing members of our families. Children build self-concept by making contributions to the family. Like all humans, kids need to contribute to feel good about themselves! AND–the trash gets taken out!

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