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Women on Wednesdays: Rape Culture Is Real

“Rape Culture” – the idea that rape occurs because women ask for it or fail to prevent it – is real. How did women become the ones to blame and men become blameless? How do we change this attitude and reduce the occurrence and acceptance of rape?

Admission is free, but a reservation is required.

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Doulas After Dark: Yoga Tribe

Gain connection to yourself and your community. Join us for this two-part workshop with Yoga Tribe founder, Heather. First, through guided-discovery identify your dosha — or Ayurvedic type — and learn self care tips to regain balance. Next, an hour-long yoga class that will nourish your mind and body. We will be serving refreshments, registration required!

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Women On Wednesday

The Rochester Civic Theatre Company is proud to be recognized for its relentless commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, and social well-being. Join us throughout the year for evenings of thoughtful discussion as we celebrate the resilience, diversity, and contributions of women.

Our Experiences Raising a Son
Gloria Steinem wrote, “We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons…but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.” In 2017, is raising a son really so different from raising a daughter? Panelists share their experiences and ask for your perspective.

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