Relax…It’s Summer!

Relax, It's Summer! | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Most of the time (see: all of the time) I love lists…and organization. CAN ANYONE ELSE RELATE? I love being prompt and productive, and a bit predictable. And while most of the time this is how life goes around our house, sometimes, against my nature, we slow down and realize…it’s summer! A fleetingly wonderful time of year where schedules are turned upside down by lots of sunshine and popsicles and bike rides. But if we aren’t careful, somehow summer finds its way to being a bit too hectic, despite trying to politely decline, to stay home…or be gone, a bit more and mostly to wander off the prescribed path once in awhile.

Per my nature, I have things I’d like to accomplish, to check off the “bucket list”, and there are a few places we will try to get to before temperatures cool and leaves fall, but overall, I’m trying to go with the flow. I’m trying (very hard sometimes!) Kids sleep just a bit later so they can stay out and catch lightening bugs. Not noon, but later. Chore lists balance sidewalk chalk, ice cream stops and swimming. But the chores still get done, just later.

I’ve taken my affinity for perfect attendance and list making down a notch and decided… we can be a little late, adjust the schedule. We can (gasp!) miss church, so that we can stay overnight at grandma’s house, or keep our feet in the water another hour. We can linger to watch the sun rise or set…by the shore, near a campfire, or just pause to lay in the grass. We can change course because it’s just too sunny/breezy/colorful/loud/quiet/gorgeous/fun to leave just yet.

We can call berries and cream dinner, and we can eat off paper plates so that we can skip dishes and get back outside. We can find a new balance that recognizes that time doesn’t stop and that all too soon the kids will be starting a new class, entering a new grade, getting a job, going off to college. But don’t panic.  Relax…it’s summer!   Relax, it's Summer! | Rochester MN Moms Blog

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