Make a Family Playdate With the TerraLoco Summer Challenge


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“No running!”  “Stop climbing!”  “Sit still.”  “Be quiet.” 

Kids naturally run and climb and move and shout, while we adults seem to work to squelch that behavior.  Yet, we do know how important it is that kids have time to play.  We arrange play dates for them.  We get them involved in various activities where we drop them off, so that we have more time to attend to the “important” parts of life—work, errands, chores, etc.  With the heavy load of responsibility we carry while trying to earn a living, we forgot how to live, how to laugh, and sadly, we forgot how to play.  

My children are at a really great age.  My son is 10, and my daughter is 8.  As much as they enjoy the opportunity to be with their friends, I know how much more they cherish the times we can do things as a family. We attempt to make our Sundays about time together as a family, and though it is difficult to find things that all four of us enjoy, we are making an effort. They don’t merely want us to watch them, and they really don’t want us to stare at our phones.  They want us to play with them.  They want us to come into their world and experience their fun.  This is a challenge, especially when we believe we have more “important” things to do, and that we do not have time to play.  I want to challenge you to consider that the most “important” thing you can do for your children is to play with them. 

If you are looking for a fantastic way to connect with your children through play, I have the perfect solution for you.  Rochester, Minnesota’s privately owned active lifestyle store, TerraLoco, is hosting a “Rock ‘N’ Summer Challenge.  This challenge is open to all regardless of age and ability, and is the perfect opportunity for families to join together in play, earn points for their efforts, and have the chance to win some awesome prizes.


My son and I formally participated in the last two years’ of the TerraLoco Summer Challenge, and I am planning on having my husband and daughter join us this year…though my husband doesn’t know this yet.  My son and I had such a special time running together at the TerraLoco $5 5K’s, and we absolutely loved our first trail race at last year’s Summer Challenge celebration at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch.  I’m looking forward to finding more ways for all of us to be active together, whether it’s going for a walk through our neighborhood, shooting baskets in our driveway, or bike riding.


Yes, most participants look to this challenge to keep them accountable to their individual workout goals.  Each person earns points for their running/walking/biking mileage as well as other physical activities; however, rather than focusing on “work”ing out…let’s focus instead on “play”ing out.  Let’s commit to five weeks of being purposeful and mindful of finding time to play together while benefitting the Rochester Ronald McDonald House.  For families participating, I suggest that you track the amount of time you spent doing a physical activity together as a family—bike riding, walking, hiking, and playing catch. in addition to your individual activities.  Let this “Rock ‘N’ Summer Challenge” be the beginning of a lifetime of “Family Play Dates.” Play together, enjoy one another, and create memories.

Rebecca Williams is a Rochester mom, runner, and loyal TerraLoco customer who enjoys being active with her family.


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