When Family-Friendly & Bike-Friendly Meet

Bike-friendly, forager, biking, family-friendly

Since its opening in 2015, Forager Brewery has become a home-away-from-home of sorts for me. There are many reasons for this including its location, Piggy Pie pizzas, the ambiance, kid-friendliness, and Starry-Eyed Blonde Ale. But, the most important reason for me is their bike-friendliness. I am a fierce advocate for biking, especially for businesses to understand the importance of bikes as transportation. Not everyone can afford or store a car and not everyone has the ability at all times to drive around their city. This is as true in Rochester as it is in Minneapolis or Chicago, where a vast system of infrastructure supports many modes of transit.

Forager’s owners understand the growing desire for walkable/bikeable cities. In fact, they created the restaurant in their own neighborhood so they could walk or bike there. Parking in that area is limited, and it isn’t possible to add more, so they are encouraging non-car travel. When there is an incentive to ride a bike or walk, people are more likely to leave their car and travel this way. Plus, as a business, Forager is reducing their carbon footprint and encouraging both their employees and customers to be healthier.  Forager introduced a Bike Friendly Business Plan in April, which includes benefits.

Forager’s Bike Friendly Business Plan:

bike-friendly, forager, biking, family-friendly

  • Customers that walk or bike to Forager will receive a complimentary mini-tulip glass (5.5oz) of their favorite Forager beer each time they visit (after walking or biking to Forager).
  • Customers that walk or bike to Kutzky Market will receive a complimentary refillable coffee.
  • Customers that walk or ride their bikes to Forager 10 times will receive a free glass growler
  • We will host a Forager Bicyclist of the Year award. The winner will receive one free beer per week for a year

They even have a special benefit for bike riding kids! Kids that ride their bikes to Forager will receive a complimentary Forager water bottle. This is a deal that seriously cannot be beat. I ride my bike with my kids to Forager, I get a free beer, the kids get free water bottles AND I can have a guilt-free Piggy Pie pizza and Starry-Eyed Blonde Ale because I’ll be riding my bike home!

Forager is truly a community-focused business that Rochester is very lucky to have!

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