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The school supplies are out, and we are close to the hustle and bustle of the kids going back to school. This can be an exciting and scary time for parents at any stage of kids’ lives. While you may be focusing on school supplies and new shoes, it’s important to not overlook the safety and security of your kids and home. Put security on your back to school checklist!

Children walking home, being home alone for any period of time, and entering an empty house can pose many safety and security concerns. With a little guidance, rules, and helpful devices, parents can help their family stay safe.

Plan and practice a safe route to and from school or bus stop

With your child, plan a direct route to school or bus stop. Avoid as many street crossings as possible, as well as vacant lots, fields. Encourage them to walk/bike with friends or neighbors. Remind them to be alert, no distractions from their cell phone or ear buds when walking. Unless planned ahead, make sure they are coming directly home after school.

Use an alarm system with alerts

If you don’t have one already, consider getting an alarm system that will tell you when your child returns home from school and many other features no matter where you are. This can include as little or as much as you desire.

The key component to this- Make sure your child knows how to effectively use the system

With an alarm system- the child returns home, disarms the system with a specific code alerting you they returned home and it will even tell you which child. The bonus picture can show you if they are alone or not.

Door locks to help avoid lost or stolen keys- the child can simply enter the code on the door lock, alerting you when the door opens.

Sensors- placed on sensitive areas such as gun or liquor cabinets will alert you if these are opened.

Video doorbell- Know who comes to the door when your child is home alone. They can also know before answering the door if it’s someone they know or not.

Video monitoring- Keep an eye on activity while you are at work and they return home from school.

Make an emergency plan for fire

In case of a fire while they are home alone before or after school, be sure your kids know exactly what to do. Go through the plan together and practice. Show older kids how to effectively use a fire extinguisher.

Maintain a family schedule

It can become crazy with school and extracurricular activities, with the potential to lose track of where family members are or should be. Create a monthly calendar using an app of each family member events all in one place. If everyone is not using the app take a picture of the calendar and share with family so each can have it on their phone.

Rules for safety at home

Establish basic rules for when your child is home alone. This may address many aspects of being home alone, from what they can eat or cook, whether they can use the stove or oven, if they are allowed to have friends in the house and rules for screen time.

Social media and internet usage are an area where many families have predetermined guidelines and parents outline the appropriate usage. Warn kids about the dangers of posting photos, location updates, or status updates that could lead to unwanted visitors knowing they are home alone.

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safety tips, back to school safety, keeping kids safe, alarm systems, rochester mn, rochmn 


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