Products I Trust for My Baby

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Parenting can be CRAZY

Juggling life, work, keeping our home functioning, and making daily decisions that best suit our family is CRAZY. 

One thing this Mama loves are products that make daily life easier for our family of 5. I have been so pleased with one of my longtime favorite local companies and their skincare products that work great for my baby and my older kiddos as well. I have been using Vanicream‘s products for over a decade and recently added a few more of their products to our family’s regimen. 

Bathing my babies in the past has been a bit of a nightmare for me. My first born had eczema and super sensitive skin leaving me worried every time I bathed her. All of my girls have skin that breaks out when exposed to scents/fragrances, strong ingredients, dyes, and other stuff that can be hiding in skin and body products. My girls have had rashes and hives more times than I can count. 

However this time around, I am so pleased with the line I have been using. My GO TO’s are the Vanicream cleansing bar, diaper rash ointment and skin cream. 

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Cleansing Bar

The cleansing bar is perfect for hair/body/face. I love that I only need one product and it lathers up so nicely. It is fragrance free, yet my baby smells so clean after her baths. I also love that I don’t need a washcloth and I can just use the bar by itself. There is actual Vanicream Cream Base in the soap to keep skin feeling smooth and soft!

Diaper Rash Ointment

I use the diaper rash ointment whenever she is irritated in her diaper area for her skin to heal quick without putting harsh ingredients on these sensitive areas. This ointment is nice and thick, spreads easily, and stays on for a long time.  Instead of rubbing off immediately onto the diaper material, the ointment sits on the skin without absorbing quickly allowing the ointment to heal the rash area and protect from wet and soiled diapers.

Skin Cream

The skin cream works great for my baby…and every other family member! I absolutely love that it comes with a pump. We keep jars in all of our bathrooms for easy access. This skin cream is thick, rich, and absorbs easily without leaving the baby greasy. I sometimes add lavender essential oil to help my girls rest for bedtime. I use it on eczema for me and my girls, or on my face when I am really dry. This product is truly a multi-tasker for our family.

I am a true believer in using entire lines from companies like Vanicream, as they are specially formulated to work best when used together. Finding personal products you love makes the days easier, and provides consistency for problem skin like mine and my girls’.

As a business owner, and mom of 3, I don’t have time in our daily schedule to shop around. With Vanicream, I love that I am supporting local business and finally getting the results that I want for my kiddos and the entire family. 

A parenting win!


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