Vanicream and Good Skincare Habits for Tweens

This post is sponsored by Vanicream.

When my son was tiny and struggling with skin problems, our dermatologist recommended RoBathol bath oil by the makers off Vanicream. The perfect antidote to unhappy skin.

Flash forward nearly ten years and we are a proud Vanicream family.

With two tweens in the house, we are embarking on a new era. No longer is daily skincare mom’s responsibility. With my nearly half-century old skin, I’m wishing I had developed better skincare habits at an earlier age. I don’t intend to let my kids get to 50 and wish they’d taken better care of their skin, the body’s largest organ.

Remember your baby’s oh-so-soft newborn skin? And then combine that with Minnesota’s harsh winter cold air and freezing temperatures. Without proper care, that skin will end up dry and unhealthy. As our kids age, we need to teach them to care for their skin, too.

Providing my family with great products without lots of added harsh ingredients is important to me. Not everyone in the family has sensitive skin, but buying non-irritating products for the whole household certainly simplifies things.

One of the best things about Vanicream products is that they are fragrance-free. Fortunately, we have yet to hit the “I want to buy all the scented products at the mall” stage! Let’s hope we can avoid that FOREVER!

Gentle Facial Cleanser

My kids recently tried out the Gentle Facial Cleanser. “My skin feels soft,” was my daughter’s reaction after several uses. A single pump of cleanser into the palm and cleaning is underway. And clean skin is the gateway to clear skin.  

Lite Lotion

I’m a huge fan of the “original” Moisturizing Skin Cream. It is mighty thick, which I love. However, the Lite Lotion, while providing lots of moisture, isn’t quite as heavy. It comes in a pump bottle – every thing is better when you don’t have to remove the lid! After showers, the kids simply pump a bit into their hands and easily apply. Lotion: first defense against the Minnesota elements.


With the teen years on the horizon, now’s a good time to start with the deodorant.   Vanicream’s is perfect. No extra scent. Just a hardworking product, which is what we all want!

Twice daily facewashing and moisturizer day and night, those are the routines that will keep your skin healthy. Those are the habits I’m trying to instill into my kids when their skin is still youthful.

While they may not remember each skincare step everyday (yes, I do still remind them to brush their teeth), at least I’m providing them with great skincare products.

And remember, Vanicream is a local company. #shoplocal


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