10 Summer Daytime Dates in the Rochester Area

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“Date Nights” became, I’ll say, tricky once my husband and I became parents.  We still wanted to have these fun nights out together just as much as we did pre-parenthood, but the practicality of it became a major obstacle. Meals, bedtime routines, finding a babysitter for evenings, simply being too exhausted to go out after 9pm 7pm – all of this contributed to our struggle to have any time outside of our home, just the two of us.  And this is why we found gold in a Daytime Date.

A date during the day has become our preference – it takes away a lot of the stress that can come with trying to schedule a date night. It’s also a refreshing change of pace.

active date, date ideas, date your spouse, dating, day date, daytime date, get outside, Rochester date, summer date, time together, together

So in case you’re going through a similar season of life, I highly recommend dating during the daytime. Here are 10 fun ideas to turn your sweet summertime date into a low-stress, low-cost, fun and enjoyable time with your significant other:

1 – Have a good, old-fashioned Picnic.

Soak up some sunshine and eat in peace (you know, without needing to get up from your place fifteen times to retrieve something you forgot to set out or something your child declares he urgently needs).  There is a plethora of parks in our beautiful city – just be sure to leave a hefty distance between you and the nearest playground – pick one and park it! (lame pun intended) 

2 – Walk, jog, or bike together on the Douglas Trail. 

It’s peaceful, beautiful, and endorphin-producing.  You can catch up with each other while also getting some fresh air and exercise.  Win-win-win.

3 – Visit Thursdays on 1st and 3rd!

If you aren’t already visiting this truly awesome weekly event, I can’t recommend it enough. You could stop by for lunch, an afternoon treat (the least busy time of day), or an early dinner. Listen to (or dance to) live music, eat delicious food, enjoy a cold drink, shop with local vendors and downtown stores – tons of fun, especially when it doesn’t involve chasing around any littles. 😉 This event is every Thursday during June, July, and August, so don’t miss it!  
(But just in case this isn’t the event for you, check out this ultimate guide to summer events to find an event in our area you’ll enjoy.)

4 – Hike Quarry Hill.

This is another option where you get to be out in nature while enjoying quality time together. Prairies landscapes, a large pond, and forest trails are all part of this Rochester gem. I’m all for being outdoors as much as possible during these summer days – they fly by much too quickly!

5 – Enjoy a dish of locally made ice cream from FlapDoodles.

It’s a date for crying out loud – enjoy a treat! And if ice cream doesn’t float your boat, there’s always frozen yogurt (must.add.all.the.toppings.) at Cherry Berry or Carroll’s Cup.

6 – See a matinee, and it doesn’t have to be rated ‘G’.

When is the last time you went to a movie together?! Seriously. And while you’re there, you may as well go all out – get a bag of popcorn or your favorite treat, hold hands, and enjoy getting to keep your eyes on the screen since you won’t need to take any littles to the bathroom halfway through.

7 – Play a Sport Together.

This one is underrated. Play tennis (our favorite), golf, basketball, or go swimming together.  You might be surprised with how fun it is to get a little competitive with your spouse and learn something new.  If playing a sport isn’t your thing, find one to spectate!  

8 – Stroll through the Farmer’s Market.

For a perfect Saturday morning, grab a coffee from Old Abe’s Coffee cart and enjoy checking out each table of goods. You get the chance to support local farmers and artisans, choose your favorite (or new-to-you) fruits and veggies, and maybe even select a fresh bouquet of flowers for your home.  Extend your time together by strolling along the river.

9 – Pick produce fresh from a nearby orchard/farm.

Stop by Firefly Berries, Ron’s Berry Farm, or Chester Berry Farm and pick fresh berries and other goods to bring home to your family. Something about picking produce right from the earth is healing and restorative (‘farm to table’ food is one of the ways to my heart).

10 – Partake in a Wine Tasting.

Four Daughters, Salem Glen, or another great winery (or tour) in the area – it’s so much better than sipping wine at a busy restaurant, and it’s surprisingly relaxing. Just be sure to account for extra time with the sitter and be responsible, of course.

Happy Da(y)ting!

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