Before Your Sister Is Born, I Want You To Know: A Letter To My Daughter

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My Darling Daughter,

I am still in awe of you, each and every day. It’s flabbergasting to think of how not too long ago, you were a tiny eight pound, squishy human, and now you’re jumping on the bed, speaking to us, playing with the dog, laughing and giggling, and doing the motions for songs as you hum along. You grew up so quickly, my Darling, and as proud as I am to see this, I also grieve at how rapidly time is passing by. I love looking back at photos and videos of you from the past year and a half.  baby, letter, new arrival, new baby, new sibling, sister

My Darling, our lives are about to look very different as we are just days away from your little sister being born. If I can be honest, it’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

When I was pregnant with you, I wanted the days to fly by so we could finally meet and hold you — our rainbow baby. The same sentiments are true for your little sister, but paradoxically, I have been okay with savoring each day of this pregnancy because it means you get to be our only focus for just a little bit longer.

When we first found out we were pregnant with your sister, I told your dad that I didn’t know how I could love another tiny human as much as I love you; my heart was so full already. But it is possible because even without meeting your little sister yet, I love her so much already. And I know you will, too.

It will be difficult at times, of this I am sure. We’ll have to learn a new balance and routine and get to know a whole new person. I may lose my patience, you may question why I’m giving more attention to your sister than you at times, but know that I love you. And that will never change. I pray that in those tough moments, this truth and tons of grace will be abundant.

And even as I lay awake and worry some nights, I also know that we will be just fine. We are all here for each other – Dada, you, me, and Baby M. With your heart and passions, you are going to be a phenomenal big sister, and I look forward to seeing you love your little sister and develop a life-long friendship with her.

I love you with the fire of a thousand suns,


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