Our Tooth Fairy Is a Flake

We need a new tooth fairy. Any takers? Seriously, I am the worst mom when it comes to remembering to take the tooth and throw some money on the bed! My five year old has officially lost 4 teeth and 4 are currently loose. Each tooth is a huge deal to get out. The persistence, […]

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How I Became a Mother | Rochester MN Moms Blog

How I Became a Mother

Birth stories, I am fascinated by them.  I love to hear them; the nitty gritty, the down and dirty, the beautiful, the tragic. Sharing our stories, our variations of normal, is empowering.  We should birth without fear of judgement or criticism or experience.  Sharing birth stories creates sisterhood.  This is how I became a mother. […]

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New Baby, New Heart FB

New Baby, New Heart

In October of 2012 we learned that our little family of 3 would soon become 4. We were so excited! In June 2013 we proudly welcomed a healthy baby girl whom we named Courtney. She was absolutely perfect. We took her home and started living life as a family of 4. Her big sister Kaitlyn […]

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5 Ways To Save On Your Bathroom Remodel

For three years, I’d been wanting to redo the kids’ bathroom, but of course other projects and money kept us from doing it. I was forced to use it for a week when our master bathroom shower cracked, and at that point I had had enough. It wasn’t just ugly; it was in rough shape […]

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A Sick Parent's Guide To Coping With Kids | Rochester MN Moms Blog

A Sick Parent’s Guide to Coping with Kids

(My son…miserable…on the couch…covered in vomit) Sick kiddos is one thing but being a sick parent is quite another story.  Nothing like feeling horrible and still having to care for little people.  Parents don’t get sick days.  Somehow, even when we are feeling at our worst, we muster up the strength to pack lunches, wipe […]

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Delicious Baked Mac and Cheese

Winter is here, and it’s time to bust out those winter recipes. For my cooking in the winter, I like to check off a couple of boxes. First, I need a recipe that is warm. Second, I need a recipe that the kiddos will love. Third, I need it to be a comfort food. Baked macaroni […]

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Simple Fix at Hy-Vee

  {We’ve partnered with Hy-Vee to provide you with a review of their Simple Fix meal preparation workshop. Rochester MN Moms Blog partners with brands and organizations we know will benefit our readers, so we are thrilled to let you know about this opportunity.} That dreaded question… “Mom, what’s for supper?” Well fellow moms, Hy-Vee has just made the […]

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The Lazy Mom's Guide To Mornings | Rochester MN Moms Blog

The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Mornings

I own it, I am a lazy mom. I am not a morning person and I don’t even leave myself enough time to brew a cup of coffee for my morning commute (I just drink copious amounts of the stuff in the break room.) I have embraced the lazy, and this is my guide for […]

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