The Other Woman

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There’s another woman in our life.

Some days, I hate to admit, I’m so jealous of her it makes me sick. She gets to spend every day with my heart and soul. She gets to see those firsts (rolling over, crawling, walking and talking); she gets to kiss those owies; she gets to kiss those after nap cheeks.

Let me take a step back for a moment…

Ever since I could talk, I would pretend I was a teacher. I’d line my little stuffed animals up and teach them how to read, write, and do math. Being a stay-at-home mom never entered my mind. I would be a teacher, and my kids would go to an in-home daycare. That’s how my world worked growing up, and it wouldn’t be any different for my children someday. 

Growing up, daycare was a beautiful place for me. My daycare mom and her husband treated me as if I were their own. I have such fond memories of being at their home. I still love spending time with them 28 years later! Even now, as I write this, I’m smiling at the thought of them. 

Before having kids, being a working mom and sending my kids to daycare didn’t seem like earth shattering problems. However, when I became pregnant with our son, the thought of sending him to a stranger, to essentially help raise him, was appalling!

Only I could give him the love and attention he needed. Only I could fulfill his daily needs. Who were these other men and women who thought they were good enough to take care of MY child? 

children, daycare, daycare mom, family, inhome daycare, minnesota, parenting, rochester, teacher mom, working momWe were lucky I was able to stay home until our son was 6 months old (the joys of having summer vacation after my three month maternity leave). This gave us extra time to find the perfect daycare. We live in Stewartville, I teach in Austin, and my husband is a nurse at Rochester Mayo. The only in-home daycare we could find accepting infants was in Rochester.

It was a struggle that first school year being over 45 minutes from my baby. My husband did all drop-offs and pick-ups. I’d often leave the house in tears and cry to my coworkers about how I needed my baby closer to me. 

One day, one of my co-workers/friends, changed our lives forever by introducing us to our Becky.

We had found the daycare mom of my dreams. 

From day one, I knew Becky was different. She not only cared for Charlie and made sure his needs were always met, but she loved him unconditionally. We would pull into her driveway in the morning, and Charlie would clap his hands and giggle with glee! When I would pick him up, he would cry and run away from me. At first, I was hurt. He should be excited to see me! But that changed quickly to intense gratitude. He loved her SO much he never wanted to leave her home. 

We’ve been a part of Becky’s daycare family for almost 3 years now. In those 3 years, we’ve had our share of personal ups and downs…

During my miscarriage, Becky was there with a warm hug and an offer to watch Charlie later than normal.

When I was 7 months pregnant and needed to be monitored in the hospital following a hard fall at work, she kept Charlie well past her closing time, fed him supper, and helped ensure he didn’t know anything was wrong. 

After our sweet William arrived, she showered us with gifts and begged us to still send Charlie at least a few times a week. 

Commuting to work during Minnesota winters can be a challenge. Sometimes, the interstate closes. When this happened on a blustery Tuesday, Becky opened her home to me!

When you’re in Becky’s daycare family, you are her family. children, daycare, daycare mom, family, inhome daycare, minnesota, parenting, rochester, teacher mom, working mom

Becky, her husband, and her four beautiful daughters have taken us in as if we’ve always been a part of their family. It’s as if we’ve known them forever! Finding Becky and her family has been a true Godsend to us. We love her and cherish her more than she’ll ever know. 

Even though it stings a little when my boys reach for her instead of me, my heart nearly explodes knowing the depth and sincerity of her love for them. 

We are forever blessed because of the other woman in our life…

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