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Parenting is hard, you guys.

It’s always shifting and throwing curve balls, making moms everywhere feel like a failure and accomplished multiple times a day.

I don’t personally know any “parenting experts,” but I think if I did, they would be the type of people I try to avoid.

Starting with HOW these little people come into the world, we are faced with the opinions, comments and even judgements of others.  Drugs or no drugs, bottle or breast, hospital or home, it’s all too much.

Please can we trust our instincts and abilities as moms?  Perfection is not the goal here.  Sure, we can all list our need for improvement, but let’s focus on being confident as moms.  Mom-fidence.

Moms have an innate ability to know and understand their own children.  While other moms can give us great nuggets of advice and be our best encouragers, I think it’s important to remember that WE are the mom, WE know our child better than anyone, and only WE can determine what is best for our child and our family.

Beyond that, we need to be confident and steadfast in the face of doubt.  Doubt can come in the form of a nosy and opinionated neighbor, a strange look from a relative, or even awkward questions from a close friend.  Whether well or ill intentioned, it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks of you, your kids, or your choices.  As moms, we are given the ability to make choices and decisions for our kids because WE KNOW THEM BEST.

Fortunately, we are blessed with a plethora of choices to make.  Parenting style, personal careers, activities, school choices, and the list goes on….  Being confident as a mom also means understanding that if and when another family makes a choice different than yours, it doesn’t mean you are wrong or they are wrong.  Just different.  Unique like each family.

Moms are given an incredible instinct.  Before googling or reading another parenting book, trust your gut.  Have confidence to lead your family in a way only you can do as the mother and leader.  Nurturing and caring for these little people is a great and worthwhile task, but it’s also tiring and overwhelming.  Don’t allow self-doubt to creep into those hard days.  Know that when you’re loving your kids and giving them your best, it’s enough.  It’s more than enough.

I’m convinced there is no force greater than the will and love of a mother.

Carry on, mamas.





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