On Missing the Baby Years

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Kissing those tiny feet, enjoying random snuggles, and giggles for days – each day is full of these things when we have a baby at home. I remember the first days with my babies. We were inseparable. The bond that’s created with mom and baby is one of immeasurable strength. When finally meeting after 9 months of pregnancy, that baby is just so irresistible!

 baby, baby fever, baby in the house, baby years, children, family, missing the baby years, Motherhood, parenting, teens

My babies are no longer babies. My youngest will be four this year, so I can still get away with smooching her face and holding her on my hip. Although my oldest two don’t like it sometimes, I do still try to smooch their faces.

As much as I miss the baby years, they give way to some pretty cool stuff that comes with growing up. Those moments and stages are also irreplaceable. 

I loved that fresh baby smell. Did you ever find smelling baby’s neck and hair just intoxicating? Babies smell amazing (spit up and poop aside)! That doesn’t last very long. Soon you find yourself wondering what the smell is coming from your teen son’s room. It’s not the trash can, it’s him. That pleasant baby smell is gone, but it’s an opportunity to talk about hormones and hygiene. It’s not as scary as it sounds; it’s actually been quite fun.

Baby giggles just brighten your day! YouTube is full of videos of babies laughing. The good news is that laughter does not go away. It’s so fun when they crack their first joke and play tickle wars with us. Our seven year old had his first birthday with classmates this year; we got a kick out of the laughter coming out of all of them for a full two hours!

Who can resist snuggles? A baby will tell you it’s his favorite thing to do. I could let the day waste away wrapped in baby snuggles. However, his independence grows along with him and he won’t want to snuggle as much. But keep the snuggles going. That teen may roll his eyes, but will reap the benefits and love of those hugs. Even as adults, we need several touches and hugs a day for our mental health. 

Oh, the baby talk! They know how to pull you in with their 3-month-old banter. We look deeply into their faces as if they’re finally ready to tell us about their incredible newborn journey (at least that’s what I imagine). Those babbles, grunts, and squeals eventually turn into words. It melts your heart to hear them call for mama (although, my husband and I swear that our firstborn’s first word was “whatever”)! It’s fun to hear their first songs, then (for boys), hear their voice change. 

Why do those squishy baby rolls make us want to pinch our babies? I’ve never actually pinched my babies; just maybe gave them too many kisses. They’re just so adorable. The urge eventually goes away, but even as they get older, they’re still so cute to us. There’s something about them being smaller than us that makes us feel like taking them under our wing. Even when they’re bigger than us, the protective instinct in us wants to hold them very close.

To be honest, there are some things that I won’t miss. Tantrums and sleepless nights are becoming less and less, but the hard times are necessary. They help us become the parents that our children need. My kids may not be actual babies anymore, but they will always be my babies. As the saying goes, “the days are long but the years are short.” Cherish the moments and embrace the lessons learned.

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