Meet the Writer: Danica

Each Wednesday we will be featuring a member of our writing team. We hope to further grow our community by sharing a bit more about the women that make up Rochester MN Moms Blog!

This week…meet Danica!

Danica is a Minnesota native, so after living in the San Francisco Bay Area for a couple of years, she and her husband returned home to Minnesota. They’re thrilled to have their two sons, Roen and Zander, grow up in this community. 

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1) If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow-where would you choose?

Without hesitation, I’d choose a beach in Hawaii with my husband.  We’ve never been there and it’s at the very top of our travel bucket list.

2) What has been most surprising to you as a mother?

I’ve always been surprised at just how much it’s consistently changing my heart (for the better) by sloughing off so much junk that’s there.  It’s this wild back-and-forth of so much selflessness, then revealing my own selfishness, and yet teaching me the ‘balance’ of how to continue to grow personally while also teaching my children as they grow, too.  I had no idea parenting would teach me so much every day.

3) What are you most grateful for today?

My two healthy boys and the opportunity to spend so much time with them during their littlest years.  Work will always be there and the sacrifices made to be primarily home with them are something I’ve never regretted for even one second.

4) What song do you know all the words to?

Pretty much any Martina McBride song from the 90s. 😀 

5) What is your favorite word?


6) Favorite way to relax after a long day?

Reading a good book while soaking in the bath (this is a luxury that hasn’t happened in over 5 months, aka the age of my baby 🙂 

7) How do you take your coffee?

I’ve never liked coffee, but I’ll drink any tea, hot or cold.  My favorite in the summertime is an iced Arnold Palmer and in the wintertime, I love hot Nettle Leaf or Cinnamon tea.

8) What is something you never feel bad splurging on?

Fair Trade Friday products from Mercy House Global – everything makes for incredible gifts and every purchase provides dignified work for women around the world.  It’s always a win-win, a worthwhile purchase.


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