{LAST MINUTE} Rochester MOM Halloween Costumes!

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume?

Why not dress like one of these iconic Rochester Moms?


Brittany frequents obscure musical shows featured on The Current, toting her toddler along in high end baby carriers that would never be found at Target *scoffs,Target.* Of course, capturing the goings on from artsy angles of her latest Apple mobile device, scoping out flea markets for vintage cameras (she also happens to love irony) and posting frequently on Instagram or Tumblr.

Last Minute Rochester MOM Halloween Costumes | Rochester MN Moms Blog



Heather is well-recognized at the farmer’s market and food co-op. She grinds her own wheat and makes her bread because who knows what THEY put in bread these days? Her kids eat well-rounded diets of lentils, kale chips, organic apples, and the occasional chicken from their backyard. Her hobbies include gardening, diffusing essential oils, breastfeeding, and telling everyone she knows about cloth diapers. Every so often, she’ll sneak fast food when she’s emotional, but you’ll never know about it, because she’ll hide the evidence in her reusable grocery bag.

Last Minute Rochester MOM Halloween Costumes | Rochester MN Moms Blog



Amy’s collection of active wear is making a hostile take over of her wardrobe. Impressively edging out the competition of normal mom wear and acquiring roughly 90% of her closet space: her clothes have been replaced with spandex, air wicking tanks, neon sweat bands and funky high tops. All of which are perfectly suitable–no–necessary for the everyday functioning of the modern day mom on the go! She can literally run through the aisles of Costco if need be while gathering supplies for the family dinner. Speaking of dinner, cooking in active wear makes it so simple to practice her salsa hips for her next Zumba class while sautéing onions for the chicken-quinoa-and other healthy ingredient-casserole. She will adamantly tell you that active wear isn’t simply for trips to the gym or your outdoor activities. Don’t know what to wear to the next school function? Active wear. Going to the dentist? Active wear. Lunch with girlfriends? You got it, active wear.


Last Minute Rochester MOM Halloween Costumes | Rochester MN Moms Blog




Christy is well caffeinated. When she jumps out of her family’s sport utility vehicle, the sound of bouncing cardboard Moka cups falling out onto the pavement can often be heard. You will often see her racing into meetings for which she is 5, 10, 15, ok maybe 20 minutes late because she couldn’t resist stopping at the closest drive thru coffee oasis on the way. It’s the quickest and most cost effective way to take a vacation in her book. Her children don’t play “kitchen” or “house”, they play “coffee shop drive thru” because that is the way to their mama’s heart. Christy loves meeting friends for coffee, collecting the latest coffee mug, and roasting her own beans.  Christy goes to bed at night eagerly anticipating her morning coffee shop run where the baristas greet her by name.


Last Minute Rochester MOM Halloween Costumes | Rochester MN Moms Blog



Haley is known as super mom! Her humor and realness for life is what keeps her going with her husband working crazy hours as a Resident. She is a mom on a budget and loves the challenge of hitting up the local Aldi with a $100 for a week’s worth of groceries for her family of 5. She loves making brownies, lets her kids set up camp in the living room, loves skype family sessions talking to loved ones and thinks every mom needs a mini-van.  Resident mom can do anything that comes her way with finesse and poise: jumping her mini van on the side of a road?  Not a problem, the kids can help! Hosting a dinner party with a 2 hour notice or being a nurse on the homefront when the flu hits? All in a day’s work for this multi-tasking mama.


Last Minute Rochester MOM Halloween Costumes | Rochester MN Moms Blog



Thank you to our Rochester Moms Blog Contributors and our friend Haley for participating in this fun, tongue-in-cheek photo shoot.  Each one of these women represents the  “Rochester Mom” she is depicting in their real lives. Have a safe and FUN Halloween! 

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