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This post is sponsored by Olmsted Medical Center’s eCare.

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Moms, we’re busy.  

Let’s break it down. We have huge never-ending to-do lists. We keep all the schedules, manage school drop-off/pick-up, meal planning, attempting to be a good friend, partner, not to mention exercising…So. Much!  Even with that self-care mantra whispering in our ear  “Take care of yourself!”, we can still put ourselves at the bottom of the list. If you’re like me, you keep a list of all your best mom-hacks to help you manage everything you have thrown your way.  Little tips that you have picked up on to make everyday tasks easier.

So what happens when we get sick?  Moms don’t get sick, right? Wrong.  

Getting to the doctor can almost feel like an impossible task given all of the above.

At the beginning of this winter, I found myself sick with a fever and cough that just wasn’t going away.  Time for mama to go to the doctor.  Of course it just snowed and I couldn’t bring myself to get the kids in their carseats feeling the way I currently felt.  “Fine.” I thought. “It’s okay.  I’ll just stay sick forever.”

Then I remembered a promotion I had recently seen for Olmsted Medical Center’s eCare.  I couldn’t remember all the details, but I thought it was worth a shot!  I typed in the address, and within minutes I was registered.  And from that moment I knew that this would quickly become my new favorite mom-hack. 

eCare is an online health service that allows you to be treated for more than 20 common medical conditions virtually.  Accessible 24/7, this means you can log on at anytime, take the the 5 or so minute questionnaire, and have your symptoms reviewed by a care provider. You can expect to answer a series of questions about how you are feeling and the symptoms you are experiencing – just like you would when you were having an in-person medical visit.  You may be asked to upload a photo depending on what you are asking to be treated for.  

Olmsted Medical Center, ecare, omc, urgent care, online doctor visit, rochester mn, rochmn, rochester mn momsblog

After you submit your questionnaire, a clinician from Olmsted Medical Center will review your responses (clinician hours are from 7 AM – 7 PM) and generally you will hear your results and treatment plan in under 60 minutes!  After that you are free to send any accompanying prescription to a pharmacy of your choice. I received a prescription for a nasal spray to ease my congestion and I just indicated that I’d like it to be sent to my pharmacy…it couldn’t have been easier!

When I first used, OMC’s eCare earlier this winter, I was 24 hours away from boarding my flight to a work conference.  My congestion was so bad, I was sure my nose would never come unclogged. I needed a diagnosis and treatment plan fast. The entire eCare experience from registering to receiving my treatment plan and sending my prescription to my pharmacy took 35 minutes…and cost me $35 dollars. Much less than an in-person doctor’s office visit!  Better yet, I didn’t leave my house, didn’t schlep my kids, and didn’t battle car seats.  

I have used eCare a few times after that and I each time I remember all-over again why this might the best kept secret for Rochester moms.  The next time you think you might think you might have a commonly treated condition, try OMC’s eCare service.  I promise you it will be a great experience…get ready to add OMC’s eCare to your list of favorite mom-hacks!



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