So, I hate some things……

So, I hate some things...... | Rochester MN Moms Blog

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So here is the deal.

mom life is bliss.

mom life is rewarding.

mom life is glorious.

mom life is my most important job.

mom life has me overflowing with joy, love, and grace on a daily basis…….


there are a lot of things about mom life that I simply…. dislike.

as in,


not a fan of.

complain about.


Here are some of the items on my list of DISLIKE.

CUTTING UP FOOD. Can I hear an AMEN? I am lazy. By the time, breakfast/lunch/dinner are served, I just want to sit down and eat. Not cut up the blazing food. Now, I know, it is a choking hazard, and we have no option. But, please….it blows. I am a big fan of kitchen scissors and typically go to town on that piece of chicken. Confession: my kids have been known to attach an entire pancake to the fork and eat around it. Oops. What’s the big deal?

READING TO MY KIDS. There, I said it. I am not a fan. Sorry, people. My girls are 3 1/2 and 6, and here I am trying to coax them into board books, while my amazing, bookworm mama friends are reading chapter books with NO pictures to their kids. As in, novels. Little House on the Prairie. Heidi. Boxcar Children. Here I am, reading Barnyard Dance and a chapter of an easy-to-read book for my kindergartener. Now, I promise that I buck up and read to my kids. Sure the cuddles are fab, but once it turns 8pm, I am on vacation.

APPLYING SUNSCREEN. Augh. The worst. My kids wiggle, whine, and are impossible to hold down. I get either too far away from their eyes, and we have a situation the following day, or I get it in their eyeballs. I despise applying lotion, and then there is all this controversy over spray screen making me feel guilty. So Old School application is the Cass way. Fabulous.

WIPING BUTTS.  Need I explain?

MAKING BEDS, Specifically the TOP BUNK. Barf. We couldn’t have simplified the process any more. Fitted sheet, quilt, pillow. But it is a challenge, people. Just being real. I can’t get it together, and my 6-year-old, bless her heart, can’t either.

CUTTING NAILS. Cuts. Band-Aids. I am a slacker. This task takes 30 seconds but takes me about 5 days of putting it on my mental list before the check gets marked.

WATCHING KID MOVIES. OK, now I know that animated movies are loved by adults across the world. But, pre-kids, I couldn’t get over the amount of people (including my Hot Hus) who chose to watch 2 hours of a kid movie, by choice. We hit up the movies as a fam, and love family nights where we get pizza and watch movies. But, it takes everything in me not to paint my nails, get a laptop to distract me, or even…. nap.

MAKING SCHOOL LUNCHES. I am the worst at finding a jive that works for us with the morning routine. My kids have allergies, so they prefer mama to make them a good ole sammie, throw some carrots and apples in the same bag (gross), and water over hot lunch. I am not in the business of having a orderly life where this prep happens at night, or I make a week’s worth at once. So as of now, I am sticking with, scrambling together a lunch 5 min. before the bus. Perfect. In my dream world, coffee is devoured, pre- lunch making. Maybe next school year……. maybe. The Lord hears my prayers.

So, I hate some things...... | Rochester MN Moms Blog

My girls love to match their mama. This is a like, not a dislike

ORGANIZING APPOINTMENTS. What this one means is everything included.

Setting up the appointment.

Going to the appointment.

Sitting through the appointment.

Spending time at the appointment.


PLAYING IN THE SNOW. That is for friends. Husbands. Neighbors. I go outside, as in play in my yard, build one snowman, one time a year. I watch from the window, where it is safe, warm and cozy. I make hot chocolate and always have a supply. I take pictures of them in the yard. I encourage them to go outside. I have found some balance by snowboarding with the girls. But, there is nothing fun about getting bundled up and playing in wet, cold white stuff. No thanks.

Now, I know there are a lot of things that I dislike, and maybe you are like, “Christy, get it together,” and that is ok. But, I promise there are so many important things that I just adore and love.  For instance, I absolutely love creating art with my girls and being creative. I love giving them baths and cuddling them after. I love playing outside in the SUMMER and taking them to the pool and parks. I love baking cookies with them and teaching them how to make meals. I love raising them up to be mind-blowing, beautiful, successful,  world changers! I love teaching them how to love, serve others, be a friend, and encourage them.

I love being their mama. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Despite the fact that I have a huge list of dislikes (there are even more…), it doesn’t mean I don’t do them.

I do.

It is a  beautiful lesson that sometimes we have to do what we don’t naturally want to do, because it is the right thing to do. I want to show them that they are WORTH it.

So, I hate some things...... | Rochester MN Moms Blog

a painting I made. I love this quote for many reasons. I love the reminder of what my purpose is… is simple. to love my children.

Mom Life. The best job and responsibility out there.

Is there anything on your list of DISLIKES? Please share! Make this sister not feel alone 😉






One Response to So, I hate some things……

  1. Tara Kluth May 18, 2016 at 9:02 am #

    Yes, yes and yes. There are solutions though! Don’t make the bed, especially the top bunk. Ain’t nobody got time for that! A pizza cutter is much faster than the kitchen shears. I figure the spray sunscreen is better than me hating doing the cream so I do that one (start with them facing away from you, arms out, legs spread COPS style. Spray. “Rotate,” I tell them. Chin up, neck, front of arms and legs. “Hold your breath.” Quick zap over the face (YES! I do that, I’m an awful mom.)

    Soon, soon I tell you, they will make their own lunch. Mine do starting in first grade because I hate making lunches so much. Kitchen and pantry are well stocked.

    Wiping butts is not my thing. You’re old enough to poop on your own, you’re old enough to wipe your own butt. You’re uncomfortable? You learn. 🙂

    I’m really an awful mom! 😉