Day Trip: 5 Fun Things To Do in Lanesboro

My husband, Taylor, and I love to spend our weekends exploring. Both of us love a long vacation to an exotic location, but we never want to miss out on the hidden gems just around the corner in our own state. My family moved to Rochester a year ago and we are slowly getting to know the area. We have a list of day trips within the Rochester area and we love checking towns off our list!

Day Trip: 5 Fun Things to Do in Lanesboro

This past weekend we visited Lanesboro and it is quickly becoming a favorite destination. I love charming little cities where life seems to slow down and we get the opportunity to savor family time. Lanesboro is the perfect distance from Rochester for a day trip. It is approximately 51 minutes away from downtown (heading southeast), which is a nice distance if your kids need to nap either coming or going. It’s short enough to spend an afternoon or the whole day on the weekend; perfect for a mini-getaway. Here are 5 things to do when you visit:

  1. Spend the day biking. Lanesboro is a town along the Root River State Bike Trail, which is a 60-mile paved trail running through beautiful Southeast Minnesota.
  2. Take a trip down the Root River. Lanesboro has multiple outfitters where you can rent canoes, kayaks or tubes or you can bring your own!
  3. Visit Sylvan Park. A good park is a must for any family outing and Lanesboro doesn’t disappoint. My daughters could spend the entire day at this park if we let them.
  4. Sit down and enjoy lunch at one of the many restaurants. My husband and I have been to Pedal Pushers Cafe and we LOVED it. The food is yummy, it’s family-friendly and close to fun shops.
  5. Leave the kids with grandma and grandpa for a weekend and stay at a Bed & Breakfast. This place boasts itself as “The Bed & Breakfast Capital of the Minnesota” and my husband and I are planning a romantic getaway here soon. There is a Bed & Breakfast around every corner, so there are many places to choose from! My sister and her husband stayed at the Historic Scanlan House and raved about their experience.


I could keep going with more things to do in Lanesboro, like antiquing, Amish tours and fishing, but I will let you explore the town for yourself. After a great visit to Lanesboro we are definitely putting it on our list of Favorite Day Trips in Minnesota. What is your favorite day trip from Rochester? We would love to hear ideas for our next adventure!


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