Curl Your Hair Like A Pro

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-Curls that look natural.

-Curls that look beautiful. 

-Curls that look like beach waves. 

-Curls that are quick to style. 

-Curls that last.

These are the top things I have been hearing from women over the past 14 years of being a hair stylist. I thought it would be fun to show you a quick video with some tips and tricks for you to achieve the look at home. My #1 goal is to always educate and help my guests, so that when they get home, they can rock their favorite look. 

Curls are always a hit for many reasons! 

  • they will last a few days when they are done right 
  • creates movement and volume in your hair
  • looks professional and feminine at the same time
  • showcases a great color and cut

A couple tips: 

  • Use a good curling iron. My favorite brands are Hot Tools, GHD and BaByliss
  • The size matters.
    •  if your hair is above your shoulders use 3/4 – 1″ curling iron
    • if your hair is shoulder length  to clavicle bone area use 1 1/4 ” curling iron 
    • if your hair is longer than your clavicle bone- mid back use 1 1/2″ curling iron 
  • For more fine hair / blonde hair, don’t overheat it. stay under 350 degrees. 
  • For more coarse / thick hair, go to the higher heat setting.

Products work. PROTECT YOUR LOCKS.

  • Always use a product in your hair when it is wet. 
  • If you air dry, think something soft. Detanglers or a lotion for the hair to air dry.
  • If you are blow drying it out, use a blow out spray (actually can speed the blow dry time up) or a heat protectant to smooth/de-frizz/condition the hair. 
  • When you are curling the hair, use a product as a shield. I like using a flexible hold hair spray, or shine spray. Look for products that have a humidity shield or protectant. I like to comb in the product with a wide tooth comb or wet brush. 
  • Clip the hair in half, putting the top section of your hair up in a clip. 
    •  Start with the section by the temples/ears. Take 1 – 2″  sections. 
    • Comb the section if necessary. 
    • Curl away for the face under behind ears. Once to back of hair, curl towards face. 
    • When curling the hair, hold the curling iron 90 degrees. 
    • Clip the hair in the curling iron closest to the scalp and work down the strand, leaving the tips out. 
  • I like to let the hair cool before combing through the hair to rough it up. 
  • Finish with backcombing the roots. I love using a root lifter on the scalp for added volume! I finish with hairspray. 
  • Use a dry shampoo on the roots on the days you don’t wash to prolong your look! 

Favorite products: Living Proof 

Blowout spray, Flex spray, Full Dry Volume Blast  

Here is my how-to video

Good Luck on rocking this style. Tag me on Instagram with your new curls @christy_cass



My husband is officially fired as my videographer. 

We are coming out with a reality TV show this spring 😉 

My love language is COFFEE from Moka! 

I like to do too many things at once…. i.e. create a hair video, open the salon for the day, and more 😉 Mom life is busy, crazy and a blast! 

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