The Search for Couch Charming: A Tale of Furniture Commitment Issues

Once upon a time, there was a woman who wanted her front living room to have some new furniture.  It’s not that she didn’t love her vintage leather sofa from Craigslist, but the sofa was starting to come apart at the seams, literally.  After some convincing, she talked her husband into letting her order a new sofa.  

She had been pinning pining after a tufted sofa for a few years.  While shopping in town, the woman found a sofa her neighbor had that was cute, comfy, and cheap.  All the requirements had been met!  She quickly ordered a sofa and loveseat.  Then the next day, she changed her mind and ordered two sofas.  Yet, after placing her latest order, she just didn’t feel right about it.  So she made her husband call and cancel her order from the land of slumber. 

After much searching and shopping, she found the one that would turn her frog living room into a prince.  A beautiful velvet gray tufted sofa with nail head trim and caster legs.  His profile pic was quite handsome.

 The only problem was the price; the woman could not afford such a royal sofa.  So she kept on searching for an affordable option, all while dreaming of the prince.  

The woman finally settled for a sofa, a lovely dark gray beauty with tufting and impressive reviews.  It was in her price range and seemed like a good fit.  So she placed her order and waited.  The sofa arrived, she put it together, named her Veronica and everyone loved her.

 The woman even painted her living room a different color so that Veronica would shine in her new space!  All was well, and they lived happily ever after.  

Well for three weeks, that is, until the prince returned, this time at a cheaper price.  The woman couldn’t resist the lure of the prince, so she listed Veronica for sale.  Her friends and family couldn’t believe she was selling Veronica!  She was beautiful, comfortable and seemed to fit well in their home.  But alas, after a few inquiries, a couple from a far away land of cheese came to take her home.  The woman was a little sad to see the Veronica go; after all, she had been a good fit but wasn’t her true sofa love.  

After an excruciating wait, her velvet prince came riding home, ready to live happily ever after in his new home.  The woman was so excited, she could hardly wait!  She instagrammed it to the world, ready to declare her undying love.  Yet when he finally was home, the woman was very disappointed.  

He was not as comfy as Veronica, his one cushion was kind of wonky, he had weird lumps and bumps, he even made weird springy noises when sat on.  This wasn’t how she imagined the prince!  It was like his profile picture on social media was heavily edited.  He had used a good snap chat filter (you know the one) to hide his true self.

Within two hours of his arrival, the prince was packed up and sent back to his kingdom (Home Depot).  Her disappointment great, the woman decided to search again for love in the land of sofas.  She took to social media in search of a wonderful option or her family, a sofa that would be comfortable, cute and well cheap.  The salesman at the furniture stores started to know her and her husband by name.  They tried out many different sofas, and yet, none fit quite right.  The search grew wider, this time to include sectionals.  Perhaps she had been too vain, wanting a beautiful sofa.  Maybe something a little more practical was what she needed.  

After much discussion and shopping, the decision had been made!  A suitor sectional had been found!  Again, excited to have found a proper fit, the woman took to social media to announce her decision.  The comments were not reassuring; in fact, they were quite the opposite.  It appeared that this sectional was not what she thought.  He was cheap alright, uncomfortable, flat and a disappointment to all who purchased him.

 Would the searching never end?  Was she destined to not have proper seating for her guests?   Would she always be known to her friends and family as the woman with sofa commitment issues?  It as starting to feel a little like Cinderella and the glass slipper.  

The woman, after giving it much thought, remembered fondly her first sofa, Veronica. Yes, she was a little smaller than she wanted but she was comfortable, cute and cheap.   Maybe all was not lost!  Maybe she could find another Veronica?  With a few clicks of the mouse, she found Veronica again, added her to the cart and quickly ordered her sofa.  And what was this, free two day shipping?!?!   It was meant to be!  

Through a fierce blizzard, the sofa made her way back to the kingdom. And this time, they lived happily ever after.  Well, they will once some end tables, lamps, pillows and decor are found.    Every princess deserves a new ballgown and accessories now and then.  



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One Response to The Search for Couch Charming: A Tale of Furniture Commitment Issues

  1. Jen P March 11, 2017 at 7:32 am #

    Love your sofa charming! What a fun way to share your story ;-).