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Anytime Resolutions | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Each year we are told that January 1st is a magic day of renewal, our chance to “finally” get everything right. We buy cute planners, install calendar apps, stock the fridge with shakes and kale, but if by January 5th, we haven’t: lost 15 lbs, quit sugar/ caffeine/ gluten, learned French, and stopped drinking/smoking/swearing, we sum up our failures and trudge on.

This is not a new idea, but one that bears reminding. What if we gave ourselves some grace, reminded ourselves that we are all works in progress, and each day is a new day? What if we remembered that our knowledge, experience and talent are cumulative and that any day is a good day to make ourselves better?

Here are 5 (easy/small/manageable/ realistic) “resolutions” for any day of the year:

  1. Learn about our world. Plan a trip, and study up before you go! Travel not in the budget or schedule? Grab a book at the library, help with your kids’ geography homework, or take simple (and enlightening) online quizzes like this one!  It’s always fun to talk to others about places they are from or have been.
  2. Get active-now! Don’t let winter stop you. Go for a run in newly fallen snow, play with your kids, or just shovel the front walk. Chances are your dog would love a walk too. The new year doesn’t have to mean Crossfit commitments or marathon training, just increase your activity. Start where you are, and do a bit more than you did yesterday.
  3. Drink more water. Again, start where you are and add to it. This is the simplest, most inexpensive, least controversial way to improve your skin, hair, and digestion.
  4. Read more. Find what fascinates you. Love politics? It looks to be a fascinating year, so subscribe to digital or hard copy delivery and get your fix. Need a goal to stay motivated/ organized? There are endless book lists/ clubs for every topic. Here is just one link to get you started.
  5. Help. Make a meal for someone, shovel their sidewalk (hey that checks two boxes!) or watch their kids for a night out. No need to overcommit, schedule and stress. A RAK at the coffee drive-through is a great way to pay it forward.

These kinds of manageable ideas are small choices that may change how you feel for one morning, help you customize the next few months, or become the inspiration for the rest of your life.

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