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Becky is the owner and founder of Rochester MN Moms Blog. Born and raised in Rochester, she considers herself a Minnesota girl through and through.

Best described by her friends as “secure in her uniqueness,” Becky has never been one to turn down the more challenging and risky options in life.   A Harry Potter lover with a bad case of wanderlust, she’s always looking for the next big adventure. This has served her well while looking for new and exciting resources in the Rochester area.

Becky is married to AJ: a bigger risk taker than she is. They pretty much cause mischief wherever they go. Becky became a mother in May 2014 when their daughter Evangeline Rose was born.  With curly hair and a hint of trouble in her eyes, she’s a great reflection of her parents.  Evie became a big sister to Theodore Charles in December 2015. Theo is a sweet and happy toddler who has just discovered that finally learning to walk will help him better keep up with his sister. 

In a past career Becky had the opportunity to see many corners of the world. For now, her passport is shelved as she navigates the biggest adventure of her life: motherhood.  Her passion for her city and motherhood made it a natural combination to bring Rochester MN Moms Blog to the area.  Becky is driven to connect people to community and networks and she strives for the site to be a resource to encourage, equip and empower the moms of our unique city.

When not pursuing a crazy idea, you can find Becky baking an elaborate cake, canning her garden produce, or pretending to be a photographer with her iPhone.  For more snapshots of Becky’s life, follow her on Instagram.

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photo by Marit Williams Photography.