I Married a Geek and I Love It!

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Twenty years ago, I was a senior in high school and had just started dating my husband.  We met at Burger King through mutual friends.  He was cute in a geeky kind of way and I was cute in my own dorky kind of way. He had just finished with his senior pics and stopped in to check his work schedule, wearing stylish forest green denim. I was out to lunch with our friends, wearing my favorite red Gloria Vanderbilt shorts- we were made for each other.

Sparks flew between us but nothing happened until I saw him at a football game a month later, when he was wearing his marching band uniform.  It was not hot.  I’m just going to say it.  No marching band uniforms are attractive, ever.  My husband may have also worn tights in a play, a kilt for his college band, and a hot dog uniform for a church picnic…but I digress. A month later, we started dating and the rest, as they say is history. 

I’m here to tell you, marrying a math loving band geek was the single best decision I have ever made.  (Besides buying a minivan.)  When we started dating I had no idea what I was in for, like all.of.the. spread sheets. The love of spread sheets is strong in my husband.  While I can’t stand spread sheets- he loves them.  Really what I’m trying to say is that he’s an analyzer and linear thinker.  I am NOT a linear thinker.

Which leads me to math. I struggled with math for a long time in school and needed a lot of extra help.  Guess what my husband’s major was in College?  IT- with a math minor. Which comes in super handy raising 4 kids. Have you done third grade math lately?  What’s up with this lattice stuff?  I don’t get it.  I am still struggling with 3rd grade math and I’m now 40 years old!  

Being a computer programmer means he stares at a screen all day using weird code and figuring out how to make the computer do things and building stuff like “frameworks”.  It’s all Java  script  greek to me.  But I am sure thankful he knows computers because it seems everything is technology these days.  He’s our “help desk” at home. He sets up new computers, helps download, restart, transfer things, sets up TV stuff, and helps me with my CSS on my blog.  We even get calls from friends and family occasionally to troubleshoot.  Once again, the geeky guy saves the day!

While the geeks may get passed over in high school, I think that really the brains and heart behind those dorky glasses is really something special.  My husband is an amazing husband and father with the best heart.  He’s the steady to my crazy.   The math man to my interpretive- dancing self.  I am so glad I married the geeky math-guy-turned-hot hubby with a heart of gold!  The best part- I don’t need a calculator anymore!   I’m so glad that I was having lunch in Burger King on August 11, 1994 and met the geeky man of my dreams!  





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