Happy 2nd Birthday RMMB! + Top 10 Posts

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Two years!  We can hardly believe how our dream of having a helpful resource for local parents has grown to what it is today.  And it’s only because of YOUR support, passion, encouragement and belief in us that we’re able to celebrate two incredible years. 

Over those two years we’ve published hundreds of posts (literally! hundreds! 637 to be exact) about topics that are close to our heart, that you have asked for, that make you laugh and cry.  We’re passionate about writing the story of the modern Rochester parent…thank you for your participation in that matter.

As we head into our third year we have so much fun stuff planned for you!  You’ve made it very clear to use that you love our local resources…we’ll continue to bring you those and so much more.  We’ll continue with our monthly events round up guides while continually working to make our events calendar even more robust and as comprehensive as we can.  We’ll continue to publish large seasonal events guides and bucket lists…we hear you!  You love these and we’re so glad you do.

Additionally, we’ll be rolling out some fun initiatives next year that will allow YOU to have a greater voice on this site…because ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.  Building up this amazing community of mothers to give you a voice as we work to build Rochester and the surrounding area into an even stronger community as we raise our families.  We truly are stronger together.  

If you haven’t already, please consider joining our Community + Conversation group to get to know local moms better and participate in our play dates and Mom Night Outs.  Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date on all our happenings as well as a run down of community events (and to get our FREE monthly exclusive subscriber printable). Be sure to like us on Facebook so you never miss out on all the fun (and giveaways)! And if you want to follow our Rochester adventures – follow us on Instagram

Below you’ll find our Top 10 most read 2017 published posts of this year. It’s so fun for us to look back and see what has resonated with you this year.  

Finally, we’re celebrating our 2nd Birthday with a party and YOU’RE invited.  Click the image below for more details! 


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Top 10 Posts for 2017

I'm A Cancer Mom, But Please,
Don't Call Me Strong
neuroblastoma, brave, cancer, cancer free, cancer mom, chemo, chemo therapy, childhood cancer, community, cures, diagnosis, doctors, fight, fighter, good fight, hospital, hospital bed, medicine, nurses, PTSD, radiation, remission, research, scans, Surgery, trauma, treatments, waiting room, warrior

“This journey as a cancer mom will never be over. I will never finish the lap and walk away. It will never be completely in the past.”                                                            

å#firstchild, #thirdchild, family dynamics, first child, labor and delivery, life changes, mom, mom life, Momlife, parenting, pregnancy, relationships, third child

“#thirdchild: You will look down at your belly one day in disbelief to find that you are in fact eight and a half months pregnant and there is zero photographic evidence of such.”

How to Dress Like a Mom (Not a Regular Mom, a Cool Mom)
accessories, clothing tips, comfort, comfortable clothes, cool mom, cute clothes, dress like a mom, easy outfits, hair, mom attire, mom clothes, mom fashion, mom style, outfits, simplify your wardrobe

“Wearing athleisure does not mean you have given up; it means you are giving yourself Options. You know who has options? A cool mom.”

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage
baby, change, confusion, divorce, husband, marriage, mom, mom life, pain, perspective, pregnancy, purpose, relationships, sadness, single, single mom, single parenting, son, vulnerability

“I was pregnant when my marriage fell apart. Divorce papers were filed when I was 6 months along and the divorce was final when my son was one year old.”

Tater Tot Hotdish: The Ultimate Minnesota Comfort Food
tater tot, potatos, mn comfort food, hotdish, tater tot hotdish, mn food, comfort food, recipes, casseroles, mn life, rochester mn

“I was born and raised in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 hotdishes, Here is one of our favorites, well-known to any Minnesotan: The Tator Tot Hotdish.”

Love: Because We Need It
birth story, comfort from a stranger, down syndrome, embrace, love, normalizing Down syndrome, nurse, perspective

“She was truly the light at the end of my tunnel.  She was a nurse who used nothing but her instincts to help a stranger through a storm by showing love.”

Mean Moms on the Playground
judgey moms, mean moms, mom cliques, Mom-Friends, moms at park, moms on playground, new kid, new mom, support each other

“I never thought motherhood was about competition or having to learn to fit in–in my mind that all ended in middle-school.”

Raising Children Without Religion
Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 5.10.31 PM

“We are raising our children without religion. Here’s how we’re attempting to build character in our kids regardless of religious choices.”

Babywearing in 10 Easy Steps
#thirdchild, attachment parenting, baby bjorn, baby carrier, babycarrying, babywearing, ergo carrier, moby wraps, Momlife, parenting, sling wraps, tula carrier, wrapping, wraps

“Babywearing is also completely necessary if anyone is going to be fed around here. Now that doesn’t mean babywearing is all smooth sailing.”

Hang On, This is Gonna Itch a Little
Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 5.16.22 PM

“Consider this a girlfriend’s guide, if you will. As a mother of four, I give you everything I wish I knew before my kids got head lice.”

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