Scraps In The Fridge: Real Life Games for Families

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Everyone loves family game night. Whether it’s a fast-paced game of Uno or Chutes & Ladders, or a drawn-out game of Monopoly that ends in the hotels and houses scattered across the table, games are fun. Our favorite family games aren’t licensed by Milton-Bradley (yet), but are just as engaging.  

Scraps In The Fridge

This is a game my husband finds particularly entertaining.

Setup: Leftovers stored in fridge, in various containers.  


Step 1: Husband: Find leftovers in fridge.

Step 2:  Husband: Eat all of it except the last 1 or 2 bites. Put the remaining 1 or 2 bites back in the fridge.

Step 3: Wait until next mealtime when Wife is hangry and rummaging for leftovers to feed the hungry kids and/or self.

Winning the game: Husband: Listen with barely-masked glee as Wife discovers the one bite left or one splash of milk in the milk jug and shrieks “JUST FINISH IT! I don’t care if you eat it but JUST FINISH IT!!! WHY would you put 2 bites back in the fridge?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?? <<head explodes>>children, family activities, husband convo, leftovers, married life, mom life, real life, what do you want for supper, what's for dinner

What Should We Have For Dinner?

This game gives the wife the upper hand.

Setup: Hungry wife and kids. Dinner hour is approaching/past.
Play: Follow the dialogue taking turns. Different restaurants or food types may be substituted as applies to family tastes.

Wife: What do you want for supper?
Husband: Oh, I don’t care. Anything is fine.
W: You pick. I always have to pick.
H: How about Chinese?
W: Ugggh. No. Too greasy.
H: Okaaayy…. Well how about pizza?
W: We just had pizza a few days ago. I’m really not in the mood for pizza again.
Repeat with different suggestions. Wife vetoes each of them until Husband is completely exasperated.

Winning the game: Wife finally decides what she is hungry for and just picks something.

Pay Attention To Me!

In this game the children have the upper hand, parents are forced to mediate, and no one is a clear winner.

Setup: 2 (or more) children, playing separately but in the same room.


Step 1: Child 1 goes over to Child 2 and pokes/ kicks/ hits/ steals toy to get his/her attention.

Step 2: Child 2 responds with anger/ hitting/ kicking/ tackling/ wailing.

Step 3: Back and forth ensues.  This will likely include tattling, crying and a parent yelling.

Winning the game: Parent applies time-outs as necessary, and the home is quiet (except for child whimpering in the corner) for a full 10 minutes.

Next time you need to turn a boring weeknight into an energy-filled fun-fest, try one of our (not) patent-pending games. Fun for the whole family!

How about you? Put some of your favorite family games in the comments.

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