Filled to the Top with Thankfulness

Filled to the Top with Thankfulness | Rochester MN Moms Blog

It’s true that Thanksgiving is a lifestyle.  Practicing gratitude in our everyday life has the tendency to help us put perspective on all the good in our lives.  However, there is something so very poignant about pausing to reflect and think back on our year on Thanksgiving Day. We find ourselves flooded with overwhelming gratitude.  Life is made of ordinary moments that make it truly extraordinary.  Today, Rochester MN Moms Blog is pausing to reflect on our extraordinary ordinary and what we are grateful for this year and what we are looking forward to in the upcoming year. When we look back, we realize we are filled to the tippy top with thankfulness.

One thing, dear readers, that we are absolutely certain of is our overwhelming thankfulness for you.  Your encouragement and support of Rochester MN Moms Blog is felt nearly every single day.  Thank you for believing in our team and giving us a reason to continue to invest in our community.  We are so grateful for you and to you.  xo



Brittany | Rochester MN Moms Blog


I am grateful for growth. I am grateful for the outpouring of support and love in finding my tribe.


I’m thankful that my parents moved closer to us and we don’t have to divide the holidays now, but can spend time with them AND my in-laws during the same holiday!

Mamisoa | Rochester MN Moms Blog
Amy K | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Amy K

Soul-friends new and old.  The completion of our family with the long awaited homecoming of our third child. Falling more and more in love with my devoted husband every day.


We have so much to celebrate at our house. As of today, my daughter Hannah’s scans are clear- no cancer! We find happiness in the smallest things, including normalcy, quality time with each other, and of course, hope!!

Christa | Rochester MN Moms Blog
Ange | Rochester MN Moms Blog


Thankful for this year of flourishing, finding our place here and beautiful friendships.


I’m thankful for my husband’s faithful love, sense of adventure, and passion for living life and serving others. I’m thankful for my children’s brave and creative spirits. I’m thankful for the ability to find beauty in the messes.

Heather | Rochester MN Moms Blog
Sarah M | Rochester MN Moms Blog


I’m thankful for deeper connections with friends new and old. For finding myself in a place of contentment. For realizing the joy of family.


I am thankful 2016 was the year we ***finally*** got to bring home a baby 

Amanda | Rochester MN Moms Blog
Casie | Rochester MN Moms Blog


I’m thankful for the people who surround me and support my family. For new and old traditions that fill my bucket.


I’m thankful for technology that easily connects me face to face with my college student. I’m grateful for my 3 guys who make me feel safe and loved. I’m incredibly thankful for a supportive community of new and old friends and family.

Jodie | Rochester MN Moms Blog
Angela | Rochester MN Moms Blog


I am incredibly thankful for family near and far and for friends old and new. I am so very thankful for the health and safety of my loved ones and for change and growth for our family as well as me personally.


 I am thankful for 2016. A year where I chased my family and Lord more than ever before. I am thankful for my surprise baby I am carrying, beautiful community, the little things that keep me going and new dreams that are brewing for this next season. 

Christy | Rochester MN Moms Blog
Hannah | Rochester MN Moms Blog


I am thankful for my wonderful husband and daughters. I am thankful for my deepening friendships in Rochester. I am also excited for the coming year and the wonderful things it will bring.


2016 brought our son home! The wait for him to join us brought new perspective to our lives, and we are eager to see what the future holds as we prepare to add to our family again. I’m so thankful for my husband and chasing our dreams together. The best is yet to come!

Nicole | Rochester MN Moms Blog
Stacy | Rochester MN Moms Blog


Honestly, and with full sincerity, I’m just grateful our family made it through 2016 relatively unscathed. I’m thankful that our worst moments are not the end of our story.

Amy W

I am thankful for a full, lively 2016. Specifically, my supportive husband and our two-year-old who just makes life better. I’m thankful for our family and friends both near and far. And I’m thankful for our health and wellbeing as we bring on 2017! 

Amy W | Rochester MN Moms Blog
Kim | Rochester MN Moms Blog


I am thankful for growth this year. Both of my boys have changed and grown in so many amazing and wonderful ways. I love the little people they are becoming. My husband and I continue to grow together, and celebrated 10 years of marriage this year. I personally have grown and taken some leaps of faith this year, and am looking forward to the new adventures that 2017 will bring.


I am so thankful to be surrounded by love in my home. I am so grateful to have amazing support from my husband as I transition from SAHM to a new job outside of the home. I am blessed beyond measure to have dear friends who love me just the way I am.

Colleen | Rochester MN Moms Blog
Shari | Rochester MN Moms Blog


I am thankful for my ever patient and loving husband and our rambunctious son. I’m thankful for our health, our home and each blessing–no matter how small–bestowed on us. I’m also thankful for the new year ahead!


I am thankful that my children both have a great sense of humor, because laughing with them is best feeling in the world. I am grateful to have a voice for the things I believe in and the freedom to use it. I am thankful for the independence, courage and curiosity that my parents instilled in me because those three things allowed me to have success and new adventures this past year.

Jessica | Rochester MN Moms Blog
Allison Loftus of Flourish Counseling Center


I appreciate my husband’s laughter, my children’s quirky personalities and my determination to keep moving forward even when life got really hard.


I’m thankful for new and old friendships. And also for my children’s developing friendship with each other. God has stretched me in 2016 and I’m thankful to put it behind me haha.

Sara | Rochester MN Moms Blog
Megan | Rochester MN Moms Blog


I am thankful for having enough. For my family’s health and for the ability to get out of bed each day to work hard, laugh loud and love big.


 I’m thankful for the spiritual growth Jesus has done in my life this year. I’m thankful for the picture of forgiveness He demonstrated on the cross and for forgiveness within our marriage. I’m thankful for two healthy boys and the opportunity to be home with them more. I’m also grateful for encouraging friendships and sisters.

Kelly | Rochester MN Moms Blog
Becky | Rochester MN Moms Blog


This year has stretched me and challenged me in ways that I didn’t expect.  Through all the transition and change, I’m so thankful for the lessons learned for my little family as we loved each other hard and good.  I am outrageously and ridiculously overwhelmed with gratitude for the Rochester MN Moms Blog community.  My life is exponentially enriched by the people listed above as well as the readers of our site.  xo

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

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