Crazy Hair – Don’t Care!


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Growing up, I was the usually the last person ready in the morning. I got up ridiculously early to do my hair, makeup, pick out a cute outfit – the works. I would routinely wear high heels to school… I was one of those girls. I remember feeling like the world revolved around me. That sounds terrible but as a teenage girl in the social dramas of high school, I was the center of my world. I think this mentality was part of what made me so focused on my looks. If the whole world is watching, I couldn’t have one hair out of place! What will they think?! Heaven-forbid!

Let us fast-forward 13 years – my how things have changed! It is not uncommon for me to meet my families at the door (for a typical day of in-home daycare) without a speck of makeup on, crazy sleeping hair (which makes it curly in some spots and flat in others) and wearing comfy exercise/lounging clothes. If I saw myself now 13 years ago, I probably would have been very judgmental. It makes me sad to think of how judgmental I really was. How many great people, opportunities or self-discoveries I missed out on simply because I was too uptight to notice them. 

Obviously, I have mellowed dramatically. Nowadays, I want to be comfortable (which usually means something stretchy – hello elastic waist bands!). I also want to experience the joys of my kids and daycare kids without worrying about them wrecking my trendy clothes. I mostly wear tennis shoes now because I want to be able to run and chase after them (either for fun or for their safety). I do usually put on makeup during the weekends to look nice for my husband but I can honestly say, I don’t care what I look like.

The refreshing part of this whole realization is that everyone in my life seems to love me for just being me. They could care less about what I’m wearing, if I’m wearing makeup or what my hair looks like. I have found such tremendous comfort and peace in this no makeup, crazy-hair life and you can too! Let your crazy hair be your crazy hair. You will not get one judgmental second glance from me – promise!


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