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dentist, dental work, dental care, sponsored posts, rochester mn dentists, dentists for kids, family dentists, local businesses, kids' teeth, teeth, oral care, oral hygiene, brushing teeth, dentist office,Few things about our children’s experiences are as quintessential as going to the dentist. It’s one of those things that we can all reflect on from our own childhood, some with positive memories and some not.  It’s a routine that we all generally take a part of, in the best interests of our children’s health, but often with just no more than a “check that off the list” mentality as we go.  But what a joy it is then, when that routine becomes something that our children look forward to and participate in enthusiastically.  When that experience feels more like a visit to a friend’s or relative’s house than just something we have to just “get through.”  Our experience at North Pointe Dental has been just like that.

For several years, we took our kids to a bigger and more impersonal dental office, with friendly but perhaps overly professional staff.  And it was more like an experience of just getting it done, as I said.  But recently we made the switch to Dr. Toney at North Pointe Dental and have been more than impressed with the care and treatment we have received there.  And best of all, Dr. Toney knows our kids by name and what their likes and interests are, so the kids have embraced the experience because of the personal connection.

My 7-year-old son in particular has had a great experience there, even with some dental, uh, “issues” that he has had lately.  OK, they were cavities and sealants.  Several of them in fact. Please no mom judging, he’s our fourth child, and we all know how that can go right?  Compound that with the fact that he has as much crowding in his mouth for space as the elevator in the Gonda building at 8:00 in the morning.  So these extra appointments beyond the basic teeth cleanings were something that could, if not done well, set our little boy off on a path of anxiety, something that I know all too well from my youth.

However, with the help from Dr. Toney’s big smile and friendly manner, and the welcoming persona from both him and all his assistants, our little boy walked right back to have these procedures done with a spring in his step and a newly-improved smile on his face.  And without the assistance of mom, I certainly must add, which can be a sign of a little boy growing up, but also likely the product of an environment where he feels as comfortable as he is brave.  A few “pinches” in his gums, and some time tipped back in the chair, and he was all set, clutching onto his little prize as though he had won it at the fair knocking over some bottles.

We have more appointments ahead of us in the future at North Pointe Dental.  With braces for two of our kids looming, we know there will be many more times that they will be in the chair again in their office.  Dr. Toney has been more than helpful with communicating with our orthodontist as well and planning for the future, not just taking care of today’s dental needs.  He truly enjoys having our kids there, and his care and friendliness have just made the whole dentist experience one that, well, makes our kids smile.  And that’s what it’s all about, after all.

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