Rochester MN Guide to Coffee Shops, Drive-Thrus & Coffee Drinks

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When it comes to coffee…Rochester MN Moms Blog *might* just be considered experts.  It is the choice drink of many, many moms and admittedly is half of what keeps us going on those “Oh no you did not just do that” days!  This comprehensive guide will outline: local, Rochester MN coffee shops, our favorite coffee drinks at each, drive-thrus you can hit up for total mom-on-the-go convenience, and a guide to “What the heck is that drink?”

Local Coffee Shops

Café SteamLocated downtown, Cafe Steam gives off a cool and comfy vibe. We love that they also support local artists!

We Recommend:  Lavender Flat White or the Melya (Honey and Espresso!)

Insider Pro-Tip: Try the Birthday Girl or the Calypso for a special off the menu non-coffee treat.  Trust us.

Fiddlehead Coffee CoLocated inside Forager Brewery!  Fiddlehead is the newest member of the local Rochester, MN coffee scene. We love their clever name: Fiddlehead ferns are a highly desirable, foraged item in the state of Minnesota.

We Recommend:  Iced Thai Latte: made with sweetened and condensed milk, you cannot go wrong!

Old Abe Coffee Co. Old Abe Coffee cold brews all his coffee – even the hot stuff – for a super smooth finish.  Find him on his bike or at his recently opened, amazing shop on 7th street!  (Bonus: enjoy a cup of coffee while they kids play in their own special space!)

We Recommend:  Iced Zumbro (made with hazelnut and cinnamon) or the War Eagle (when you don’t want to mess around…straight coffee concentrate!)

Bravo Espresso: Tucked away in a corner in the Shops at University Square, don’t let their small space fool you.  One of the downtown professionals’ favorite spots!

We Recommend: The double espresso or the Ooey Gooey Caramel Latte. Yep, that’s the name…a special treat indeed.

St. James Coffee: Located on the northwest side of town, St James is cool and cozy.  Run by the Catholic Church in town, they craft their coffee with organic, fair trade beans.

We recommend: The Immaculate White Mocha or the St. Andy’s (mint and chocolate!)

MokaA serious favorite amongst the Rochester MN Moms Blog team…we can rattle off the menu by heart.

We Recommend: The Jamaican – iced or hot – with cream and sugar or the Blanco Americano when you need an extra oomph.

Insider Pro-Tip: Try their SporTea for a natural energy boost: it’s 95% caffeine free! Add a shot of flavor for fun times. We really love the peach!

People’s Food Co-opPick up your cup of joe and all of your local produce and goods all in one stop!  Bonus: mini carts!

We Recommend: Their drip coffee is amazing or just a classic vanilla latte.

Café 49: This locally owned coffee shop is located inside Olmsted Medical Center’s Northwest Clinic and the Hospital.  

We Recommend: Their Salted Caramel Mocha

Le Petit Café: Newer to the Rochester coffee scene, Le Petit Café is a mobile coffee trailer!  Visit them at the Farmers Market.

We Recommend: The Cortado made with Peace Coffee – 100% Fair Trade and Certified Organic

Almi’s Coffee Shop: A truly local shop located on Broadway just north of Shops at University Square.

We Recommend: Order a regular coffee…but be prepared for a strong cup!!

Drive-Thru Coffee Shops

Dunn Bros North/SouthWe love the drive-thru at both locations!

We Recommend: We love the Nirvanas.  Try 1) Chocolate Nirvana (caffeinated hot chocolate!) or the Iced Coconut Nirvana.

CaribouAnother MN company, they have many Rochester drive-thru locations to choose from including: Civic Center Drive, 19th Street near Costco, and North Broadway by the Minnesota Children’s Museum – Rochester. 

We Recommend: Breve with White Chocolate or the cold press.

Starbucks: While no technical drive-thru exists yet, they are building one on South Broadway near Flapdoodles South!  

We Recommend: White Chocolate Mocha or Starbucks Double Shots

Insider Pro-Tip: Order an Acai Berry Refresher and substitute with coconut milk for a tropical treat!

Mokathe only shop to get listed in both the local coffee shops (based out of Eau Claire) *and* drive-thru sections! 

Have a coffee spot you’d like to see added to the list, send us an email!

Glossary of Coffee Drinks

Ever stare at a coffee shop menu and wonder where on earth to start? Or you’re ready to branch out to something new but don’t know what to order?  Check out our glossary of coffee drinks! If you like stronger coffee drinks, try anything with espresso as a base, if you prefer lighter…coffee drinks with milk added are pack less of a punch and often times pair well with added flavors.

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