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It’s Cinco de Mayo!  It’s a lovely day for some delicious south of the border cuisine, don’t you think?  While it’s always fun to indulge in our favorite Mexican dishes on Cinco de Mayo, we love these places every day of the year! It also might be a teensy hard to find a spot to sit tonight for a margarita, so bookmark this guide and head to these fun places next week! Here are Rochester MN Moms Blog’s Favorite Mexican Eats:

El Carambas: located in a sleepy strip mall near Cub Foods, you won’t want to pass El Carambas up.  The menu is expansive, and the service is quick and friendly.  Order at the counter and grab a spot in the dining room, they will bring your food to you. You’ll know the regulars as Luis, the manager happily remembers nearly everyones names.

Recommended: Tacos al pastor and the watermelon aqua fresca.  **Bonus: The Horchata is fab!

Location: 1503 U.S. 14, Rochester, MN 55904

Phone: (507) 281-3104

Hours: 10:30 AM – 10: PM | Every Day

La Poblana: Winner of the 2016 Best Mexican Dish in Rochester (chicken enchiladas) you can’t go wrong with this tiny bodega with a tiny diner in the back.  The food is outstanding (the owners hail from the Mexican state of Oaxaca) and yes, the chicken enchiladas are THAT good.  With a second location opened within the past year, now there is more La Poblana love to go around.

Recommended: Chicken Enchiladas (it’s worth repeating) **Bonus: a thousand flavors of Jarritos!

Locations:  1121 Civic Center Dr NW, Rochester MN, 55901 | 909 37th St NW, Rochester MN, 55901

Hours: 10 AM – 9 PM | Every Day

Phone: (507) 292-7791 (Civic Center) | (507) 208-4999 (37th Street)

Tacos El Sueno (Truck)

This little gem is Mexican street food gold mine.  The food is super fresh and always tasty.  The menu is limited as it is a food truck, but that just means that your options are really, really good.  We are huge fans of the citrus pork.

Recommended: The above mentioned citrus pork as well as the Torta.  This mexican sandwich is your choice of meat, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream and avocado.  So yummy.  **Bonus: Each order comes with red and green salsas. Basically, like spicier and then spiciest.

Location: 1005 N Broadway Ave, Rochester, MN 55906 (Parking lot of Baraka Super Gasoline station)

Hours: It varies.  It does seem like they are open W-Sunday about dinner time to 11 pm.  Drive by and look for the “Open!” sandwich board sign.

**UPDATE** The owners of this truck have now opened up Taqueria el Sueno on 7th Street NW across the street from Northgate Health Center!

Lucy’s Taco Truck

As the name insinuates, this is a tried and true taco truck. When you order the taco plate, you receive four small corn tortilla tacos rice and beans. Other options include: burritos, torts and quesadillas.

Recommended: The asada tacos are really, really stinkin’ good.  Bonus: The guacamole is scratch made, yummm.

Location: NAPA Auto Parts parking lot at 1225 Eastgate Drive SE

Hours: Varied

Fiesta Cafe

The menu is huge, the portions are very generous and the salsa is very good.  Not necessarily the most authentic, but when you need Mexican food and need it now, this is a perfectly wonderful option.

Recommended: Nachos and the ‘ritas.  Very, very tasty.  **Bonus: Free Chips!

Location: 1645 N Broadway Ave, Rochester, MN 55901

Hours: 11 AM – 10 PM | Every Day

Phone: (507) 288-1116


What’s your favorite Mexican restaurant in Rochester?


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