DIY: How I Created A Lego Styled Dresser Using Chalk Paint

diy, DIY painting, diy projects, upcycled furniture 

It’s the perfect time of year to work on house projects. It’s time to open up the paint cans and windows and get creative! About this time a year ago I made a Lego dresser for my son for his 5th birthday. The main thing I needed? Chalk paint.

What I love about chalk paint is that it can go on anything with minimal prep work. It’s the perfect solution to spruce up furniture on a budget. It also gives you the creative outlet to add style and pizazz to your home. You don’t have to be an artist to achieve the look you want, all you need is a vision and a little creativity. If I can do it, so can you.

I was gifted this dresser and immediately knew that I had to make it Lego-tastic. Do you ever see something and the inspiration just hits you right away? I already had some chalk paint and I could see the vision of a Lego theme inspired by the sharp rectangular angles. Here’s how to do it.

Get inspired and gather your supplies.

Here’s a list of things you’ll probably need: Chalk paint, paint brushes, wax/finishing paste, lint free cloths, paint clothes, and if you add Lego flare you’ll need a dowel cut into small pieces, a nail gun, and sandpaper.

I used Dutch Boy brand “chalky finish” paint in charcoal gray. I bought this paint at Menards. A lot of pro chalk painters use Annie Sloan chalk paint. I have used it and definitely love the product but it is not sold in any stores local to Rochester so you would have to order it online and pay for shipping. The differences are subtle but Annie Sloan has more color options. For a Lego dresser all I needed were some basics. I also found some mini bottles of chalk paint at Joann Fabrics for an amazing price! Finding the small bottles of Folkart Home Decor chalk paint enabled me to get multiple colors that I could use in small areas of the dresser without having to buy a big can.

You’ll want a few different brushes too. Really any painters brush will do, a large one for larger surfaces and a smaller one for smaller more detailed spaces. I visited my local hardware store and asked associates for advice on versatile and good quality brushes.

Get to work and enjoy the process!

Give yourself ample time to get your piece done. Have a friend or family member help you if you want to get it done faster. Get a babysitter or spend a couple of days working on it when you or your spouse have a little time off of your normal routine. I painted the dresser in my garage but you can paint indoors too because chalk paint does not have a strong odor (wax does though, so you’ll want to make sure you can at least open windows!). I made sure the piece was properly cleaned and dry – regular soap and water and a sponge do just fine.

Then came the fun part, Painting! Have fun with it and enjoy the process. Chalk paint is easy to use because letting the brush strokes show is part of why people enjoy the look of it. If you want a smoother more polished look you can always use a paint roller. Two coats of paint is usually necessary so just keep going with it until you like how it’s turning out.

For the handles I had my dad help me cut up a dowel and we used a nail gun to attach them to them handles. I did sand them down so that they had smoother edges and we used a cardboard cut out as a template for properly spacing them. This took a little trial and error but it ended up working out! Then I painted the handles the fun colors.

 diy, DIY painting, diy projects, upcycled furniture

Finish and admire your handiwork.

Once it was all painted and dry I took my lint free cloth and did the waxing. Waxing seals the paint to protect it and it also adds some shine and shimmer. I would get a little gob of wax on my cloth and rub it into the piece, then take a clean part of the cloth and wipe off excess. Start in small areas and go little by little until it’s all covered. Always read the directions on your can and follow the instructions! Once I waited long enough I went back and buffed it. Buffing the wax helps to activate it and make it hard and smooth.

It’s been almost a year since I did the Lego dresser and my son still loves it. He comments every once in a while how it was the best birthday gift ever. The next project I want to do in his room is doing the same thing to his bunk bed!

 diy, DIY painting, diy projects, upcycled furniture

Share in the comments some fun things you’ve ever given a fresh look with chalk paint or something you plan to do in the future!

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