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A Confession of Hu-mi-li-ty | Rochester MN Moms Blog

A Confession of Hu-mil-i-ty

We have probably all shuddered at the news of others’ job loss, serious illness, and life changing accidents. Many have likely lived through these events.  From the perimeter, I’ve dropped off meals, attended fundraisers, gathered and made donations, and made baskets for many silent auctions. I’ve felt good about those things, and the people involved […]

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5 Reasons to Vacation with Your In-Laws

Everybody, or almost everybody, loves a good getaway. Vacations are a great time to see other places, experience new things and bond as a family. When my husband and I got married we both shared a similar love for travel. Our honeymoon was an amazing week-long vacation to Georgia and Florida; we loved every minute […]

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Introvert Extrovert Marriage illustration by Amarilys Henderson

An Introvert and an Extrovert

Oh, we introverts. So misunderstood. Fortunately, we’re actually not a minority! Half of you know what it’s like, and yet the topic of being introverted and—gasp!–functioning in society is intriguing. This introvert married an extrovert, so the topic of our differences is quite the common topic in our home. How does an introvert married to an […]

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