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Dear Baby: A Letter to Our Unborn Daughter | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Dear Baby: A Letter to our Unborn Daughter

Dear Baby, It’s been an exciting 8 months. I’ve never grown a human before so I appreciate your patience as I’ve blindly felt my way through this pregnancy. I feel you kick, punch, hiccup and squirm throughout the day. Your head is positioned squarely under my rib cage and because you’re either stuck, stubborn, or […]

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Nursery Reveal! (and Some Tips from a First Timer)

After several months of planning, purchasing, arranging, and rearranging, I’m finally to the point where I can call the nursery done. Finished. Complete. And I’m actually sort of sad about it. Now what am I supposed to do for the next 8 weeks? Two heads are (occasionally) better than one I have a somewhat unhealthy […]

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A Newbie’s Guide to Surviving Pregnancy

Ah, pregnancy. It’s an interesting time in a woman’s life. Limbs are swelling, skin is stretching (oohh is it stretching), and internal organs are literally being cast aside to make room for a new kid in town. Bouts of laughter are frequently followed by crying spells, both of which were probably precipitated by a Huggies […]

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My Husband Broke His Foot on Our Wedding Day: Five Reasons Why it Wasn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

My husband and I spent 10 months planning not one, but two weddings. Barry came to Minnesota from Dublin, Ireland, in 2005 to finish his Cardiology fellowship. Despite being a Minnesota ‘transplant’, his family and roots are in Ireland and so even before we became engaged, we decided that it was just as important to […]

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