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Do It Scared (2)

Do It Scared: A Battle Cry To Live Fully

A 15-year-old girl sat in the driver’s seat of a parked car in a high school parking lot, tears running down her face.  Her voice was angry, her face flushed.  Her mother was doing her best to remain calm.  “You need to learn to drive.  How are you going to be a functioning adult if […]

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How To Have a Stress-Free School Morning (1)

How to Have a Stress-Free School Morning

Backpacks are flying down the stairs, shoes are absolutely nowhere to be found, the bus is screeching to a halt around the corner…. And you haven’t had coffee. There are priorities here, kids. Weekday mornings can be brutal.  Here is my easiest breakfast (or lunch for littles) for those days when life is just rough. […]

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