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Aiming For Friendships and Not Follows | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Aiming for Friendships and Not Follows

We all know what we like to see on social media. But even more—we’re pretty keenly aware of what we don’t want to see as we scroll through our online playgrounds. If I wrote a manual on what’s “too much” and what’s received with a “yes, please” on social media portals, you’d be bogged down. […]

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Let's Do This Summer Project illustration by © Amarilys Henderson

Let’s Do This Summer Project

It’s that season again! The itch to get rid of the old, sweep up the remains, and grab some paint swatches is upon us. It begins on such an exciting note! We folded the magazine corners, we saw the TV show, and now we’re filled with gusto to make our home shine. As it should. […]

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Ballet © Amarilys Henderson FB

SAHM (Soul At Home Mom) Athletics

I’m sure you have your workout routine. And I’m sure that you religiously hit the gym 3-5 times a week as your doctor ordered. But for times when your workout pants are seeing more crazy than crunches, find peace in this: your body is one beautiful machine, achieving great feats of mommyhood! Here are a few Stay Soul-At-Home-Mom Athletics you […]

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Homegrown Hosting by Amarilys Henderson

A Case for Homegrown Hosting

This is a case for NOT being “the hostess with the mostest.” This philosophy of hosting would not have your friends’ enjoying their favorite drinks on tap or tickled by your beautiful displays of cheeses from the greatest dairy farms of the midwest. No, this is a case for homegrown hosting—whatever that might look like […]

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Clearing Out Creative Projects | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Clearing Out Creative Projects

I paint. I design. I teach. Repeat. And all in this room! My studio is full of all the artsy chochkies that make hungry eyes jump. I’ve got brushes and paints and papers. I’ve got random rolls of kraft paper for packaging orders as well as fine art paper so expensive I rarely have the […]

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Let's Be Friends illustration by Amarilys Henderson

Being the New Kid

Making friends gets more difficult as you get older. At least making good ones. It’s as if we’re barraged with a grab bag of factors that come into play. You find there’s a never-ending list as you accumulate interests, experiences, and other relationships. Suddenly friend disqualifiers abound as your husbands meet… Awkward. And the new […]

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Finding The Upside of Winter | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Finding the Upside of Winter

People would call me cold-blooded, because I am in need of outside aid to warm up. I’d rather think that my skins feels a lot more comfortable when the external temperature matches my inner temp. Be it as it may, here I am. Each year I get to test my body’s resistance and mental fortitude […]

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When Working For Yourself Doesn't Work | Rochester MN Moms Blog

When Working for Yourself Doesn’t Work

It feels like I’ve worked for myself for as long as I can remember. But it’s only been a few years. Long nights, early mornings, feeling the glee of an exciting opportunity, and feeling the threat of going under—I’ve walked them. Fortunately for me, I am not the main breadwinner in our home, so the stakes […]

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Valentine's Day Printables © Amarilys Henderson | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Valentine’s Day Printables!

In a crunch or want to spruce up the family table? Download these two 5×7 Valentine’s Day printables that are designed to be used as either last-minute cards or stand-alone prints! One PDF download with lots of love from your pals here at Rochester MN Moms Blog! Enjoy! {Download art is for personal use only […]

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Diary of a Wimpy Mom | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Diary of a Wimpy Mom

I confess that I am a wimpy mom. I don’t homeschool, and am in fact terrified of the idea. I prefer to pay $2.35 for “hot lunch” at school while my version of “cold lunch” is a strict diet of peanut butter and jelly. Cake mixes are still a lot of work. And if you […]

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