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National Donut Day | Rochester MN Moms Blog

It’s National Donut Day

  National Donut day.  My favorite day of the year!  Not that I need an excuse to eat a donut.  I think donuts are an essential part of life.   Let’s review some of the basic categories of the donut …. 1. Sprinkles (Party time!) – For days when all you need is to celebrate…   […]

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Ask The Counselor: Teasing at School | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Ask the Counselor: Teasing at School

“A girl at school has been calling my middle school daughter ‘fat’.  How can help her?”   I am so sorry your daughter is experiencing teasing at school. Not easy for both you and your daughter. Self-esteem and self-image is at a sensitive developmental stage during the middle school years.  Middle school is an emotionally […]

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Ask the Counselor: “Am I Enough?”

“I constantly feel like I am never doing enough. I constantly feel like I am treading water and just getting by as a person and as a wife. What do I do? I want to find peace!” Dear Reader, Thank you for your vulnerability, honesty, and courage to ask such a beautifully human question. Motherhood […]

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A Sick Parent's Guide To Coping With Kids | Rochester MN Moms Blog

A Sick Parent’s Guide to Coping with Kids

(My son…miserable…on the couch…covered in vomit) Sick kiddos is one thing but being a sick parent is quite another story.  Nothing like feeling horrible and still having to care for little people.  Parents don’t get sick days.  Somehow, even when we are feeling at our worst, we muster up the strength to pack lunches, wipe […]

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