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Mother’s Milk: Olmsted Medical Center Donor Depot

Exciting news for Olmsted County residents! On September 14, 2016 Olmsted Medical Center officially began accepting breast milk donations as a Mother’s Milk Depot for the Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa. The depot is managed by Lactation Services at OMC’s Women’s Health Pavilion. Local mothers can begin donating by completing the screening process through Mother’s Milk […]

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Please Stop Commenting On My Baby's Size! | Rochester MN Moms Blog

Please Stop Commenting On My Baby’s Size

The first time someone commented on my baby’s size was just six weeks after she was born. “How cute is she! She must be, what? Three months?” the lady asked upon gazing at my daughter in her car seat. “Six weeks!” I said, beaming proudly. “Oh wow, really?” she remarked in shock,” Six weeks? Only? […]

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